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Monthly Archives: April 2014

Join us in Uniting and Supporting the Film Festival Field and Promoting its Importance

All of us at the IFP Festival Forum—a small core of volunteers—are grateful for our members faith in us as we work towards creating a sustainable, national organization that can serve the field.

Look what has been accomplished in this transformative year!

  • Partnering with the Art House Convergence to present programming at their annual conference, we have found a permanent home for substantive professional development.
  • Launching our website complete with moderated discussion group, which is populated with useful materials from previous presentations.
  • Building expanded and member sourced programming for this year’s Independent Film Week in September and…
  • We are weeks away from launching our Industry Organizational Benchmark Survey.

We’ve been busy, and so have our members, serving their communities in diverse and creative ways.

As we transition to a paid membership model, we have negotiated terrific benefits for our members almost equal the cost of joining.  Those who already joined as Founding Members will receive the same Founding Member benefits retroactively. Thank you!  For new members, please go to for a complete list of amazing member perks.

Our work has just begun! We are buoyed by the great support and enthusiasm we’ve received from our community thus far.

Join us as a Founding, Organizational or individual member now…

We look forward to working with you!

–Festival Forum Executive Committee