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Early Bird Registration Now Open for 2019 FFA Annual Conference/Art House Convergence!

As the largest annual gathering of Art House cinema and festival professionals, community leaders, service providers and suppliers, the annual conference attracts participants from across the world.

By defining our field, creating a shared vision and vocabulary, and identifying best practices, the educational components of the Art House Convergence annual conference strengthen efforts to sustain Art House cinemas and film festivals of various sizes, operating structures and programming philosophies.

The goal of the annual conference is to engage art house theaters, film festivals, film societies, museums and other exhibition-oriented organizations through a variety of topics. Read More >

New Member Resource: Access to Seasonal Staff Roster

Looking for a few good folks?

In the spirit of collaboration (and sheer necessity,) we’re creating a database of seasonal festival staff, and our members have the exclusive ability to view potential hires with film festival experience, for their upcoming festivals.

Please help us spread the word within the film festival community so that we can share in each other’s successes, and cultivate future generations of festival professionals to help create a sustainable environment for our industry. Learn more >

September Webinar: The Parity Pledge for Film Festivals and How To Embrace It

Join Melissa Silverstein, founder of Women and Hollywood and Artistic Director and Co-founder Athena Film Festival, for an open conversation about the Film Festival Parity Pledge. Melissa has been at the forefront of the conversation with international festivals including Cannes, TIFF and others, and is working to bring the parity to festivals across North America. During this webinar, she will talk about the origin and definition of the parity pledge, proposed outcomes and timelines, and answer questions from festivals who are interested in taking the pledge.

Webinars are open to all festival professionals, and recordings are accessible for FFA members on the FFA member page shortly thereafter.

Login Instructions:
Join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS, or Andriod:
Telephone: 646-876-9923
Meeting ID: 428 854 7450

Sundance & FFA Partner for SIO Diversity Pass Program

Through a partnership with the Film Festival Alliance, the Sundance Industry Office will offer five complimentary and five deeply discounted SIO Passes for the 2019 Sundance Film Festival, to FFA Members who identify as historically underrepresented festival professionals, in an effort to cultivate diversity within the film festival industry.

Interested parties must fill out this short questionnaire. Priority will be given to those festival professionals who have never had the opportunity to attend Sundance. Ten applicants will be selected by the FFA, and will be entered into a lottery, where they will receive either a fully comped SIO Pass ($850 value), or a discounted SIO Pass (rate of $375.)  Application deadline is October 12 and accepted applicants will be announced October 19.

Applicants must be current members of FFA, or belong to an organization who is a current member; and may not have received a comp SIO Pass for the 2016 or 2017 Sundance Film Festivals. *Read below for important information.

FFA and the Sundance Institute will also co-host the Festival Organizer’s Brunch on Tuesday, January 29, in Park City. All festival organizers and representatives are invited to attend

*Important Information:

*If your organization is already an SIO member, you will not need to register through the SIO office, and may still apply to obtain an SIO Pass after October 19th if you are not selected for the Diversity Pass Initiative.

*If you/your organization is NOT an SIO member, you will also need to email to in addition to filling out the Diversity Pass Program application. If you are selected for the Diversity Pass Initiative, you will automatically be enrolled as an SIO member. If you are not selected for the initiative, you will need to wait for your SIO membership application to be approved in order to purchase a pass.

*If you are definitely planning to attend the 2019 Sundance Film Festival, you should still apply for the SIO Pass through the SIO office; if you are selected to receive a comp or discounted pass, your credit card will not be charged or your price will be automatically discounted, respectively.