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FFA Opens Its Doors To Global Members

FFA will expand its membership opportunities to mission-aligned film organizations and festival professionals around the world. The move comes amidst a growing desire for greater global connection from festivals outside of North America, and the shared intention of advocating for a sustainable and inclusive environment for the film festival industry within the cinema exhibition ecosystem.  Members share common mission-driven values and adhere to ethical practices in order to build lasting and transparent relationships with film industry stakeholders, developing a sustainable network of support and trust.

“In addition to all of the literal membership benefits, the greatest is the sense of kinship that is fostered by the group, and the solidification that film festivals of all types and sizes play an essential role in the independent filmmaking community,” said FFA Executive Director Lela Meadow-Conner. The majority of  FFA’s current benefits will be available to global members as well.

“The Alliance has grown steadily over the past five years, and now there is an increased interest in widening our membership reach,” said FFA Board President & Cucalorus Festival’s Chief Instigating Officer Dan Brawley. “As an organization, we’ve created a collective voice for film festivals and we want to expand that conversation so that we can share stories, resources, and challenges with our peers around the world. We see this as an essential step in order to address the constant shifts in our industry related to technology, consumption, and culture.”

“We understand that there are some fundamental differences with festivals outside of North America – namely in funding and programming structure – but the commonalities of our digital world are overwhelming,” Meadow-Conner continued. “We’re looking forward to learning new perspectives from our international colleagues and as we grow our membership, we’ll plan to have a greater presence at festivals around the world, setting our sights on holding a Regional Roundtable outside of North American in 2021.”

Early Bird Registration Open for AHC 2020!

As the largest annual gathering of art house cinema and festival professionals, community leaders, service providers and suppliers, the Art House Convergence attracts participants from across the world. By defining our field, creating a shared vision and vocabulary, and identifying best practices, the Art House Convergence Annual Conference strengthens efforts to sustain art houses cinemas and film festivals of various sizes, operating structures, and programming philosophies. The goal of the Annual Conference is to engage art house theaters, film festivals, film societies, museums, and other exhibition-oriented organizations in conversations of great relevance to our field.

Early bird registration is now open through October 17th! Click here for registration information and here for travel and lodging information.

New Member Benefit from LK Creactive!

FFA has partnered with LK Creactive to offer a new member benefit: 20% off your order of custom shirts, textiles, and other swag. “I know how much work goes into putting a film festival together,” says LK Creactive Founder Lucy Keile. “Merchandise is so important to branding.  I want to help organizations take care of the details of custom orders so that they can focus on the other aspects of presenting their festival.”

In addition to custom t-shirts and on-demand printing, LK Creactive can also build your organization an online merch store where attendees can pre-order items beforehand and pick them up the week of the festival. LK Creactive offers a wide variety of textiles and colors, as well as various printing styles, with a minimum order of 25 shirts or 12 hats.

Please take the 2019 Ticketing Survey!

We’re conducting a brief survey to gauge average ticket and festival pass prices. Please complete the short questionnaire here, by August 22nd. Results will be shared shortly thereafter. (Please note, festival names and locations will not be shared to respect any organization’s privacy, but information on community size will be reflected.)