2020 Film Festival Organizer, Audience and Filmmaker Survey Results

We’re thrilled to present some key takeaways from our 2020 Film Festival Organizer, Audience, and Filmmaker survey, conducted by Avenue ISR in partnership with The Gotham Film & Media Institute.

These results were initially presented at the 2021 FilmEx Conference.

The objectives of these surveys were:
1.) Understand how key film festival audiences are responding to the moment in 2020.
2.) Learn what is going well for festivals, filmmakers, and audience members…and where there are challenges.
3.) Identify actionable opportunities to strengthen festivals and the festival experience – both live and virtual.

A profound thank you to the 6 festival organizers and 5 filmmakers who participated in in-depth interviews to shape key questions, 18 film festivals who partnered to help field the audience survey, 61 festival organizers, 46 filmmakers, and 2,200 audience members who completed online surveys with detailed and thoughtful responses, and of course our partners at Avenue ISR and The Gotham Film & Media Institute for sponsoring this work.

View Festival Organizer Survey Results and Analysis.

View Filmmaker & Audience Survey Results and Analysis.

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