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New Ways to Reach FFA

Dear FFA Community,

Our friends and partners at Full Spectrum Features recently introduced us to a book that has changed our lives: Cal Newport’s A World Without Email. In it, Newport outlines many reasons that email is a disastrous distraction for knowledge workers. “People now confuse answering emails with real work,” he writes, and notes that the “hyperactive hive mind” model that we’ve all become so accustomed to (spending most of our days in our inbox or in a tiny Zoom square) actually reduces our capacity to get to work!

The book outlines many ideas and processes for streamlining our communications that should allow us all to become more productive thinkers and workers. After a hectic and exhausting 2020 (but also very focal year for us), we’ve decided to make ourselves a case study and implement some of Newport’s suggestions. (We’ll give you an update at FilmEx in July if we’ve noticed any big changes!) So without further ado, please see below for some of our new processes.

We look forward to increasing the productivity sustainability of our industry together!

Lela, Barbara, Gray

Our new processes for…

Scheduling a meeting with the FFA team: Reach out to us to schedule time to meet within our external meeting hours by coordinating with our Calendly Team account. We’ll also have these linked in our team signatures going forward for easy access.

Dropping in to chat with us:  Have a question for the staff, a general inquiry about the org, or a specific question you’d like to talk through? Spare your inbox and come say hello to the team. One or more of us will always be on hand to chat on Wednesdays from 1:30 – 3:00 P.M. central.

Promotional Requests: We’re happy to promote industry initiatives, partner events, and more. If you have something you would like for FFA to share on our social media, please complete this form. 

Submit a job posting: Are you hiring? Let everyone know by posting your position in our Film Festival Jobs Facebook Group. Paid jobs only!

If you notice something missing or would like to talk to us more about these changes to our culture, feel free to take advantage of these new policies and stop by our office hours this Wednesday to chat!