Film Festival Alliance


Interested in joining an FFA Panel at the 2018 conference?

Email us! We’re seeking festivals professionals of all kinds to join in sharing your knowledge with the tribe. Confirmed Panels to Date Include:

  • Making Your Festival Festive/Programming Beyond the Films How do you keep the “festive” in festival? Beyond programming, how do you attract new audiences? Hear out-of-the-box presenters share their favorite special events: parties, seminars, live comedy performances, BBQs, bar crawls, talks, staged readings, hula hooping — and beyond — to target active and passive entertainment seekers.
  • Let’s Talk Distribution Acknowledging the elephant in the room, no cell phones, no social media – just an honest, closed-door session where film festivals and distributors can openly discuss everything from scheduling, marketing, distribution strategies, and the necessity of screening fees. Our goal is for this frank talk discussion to create more transparency on both sides of the invoice, helping make negotiations easier for all parties.
  • Real Data Means Real Growth Learn how Indie Memphis and others use a data-driven approach to audience development and ticket sales for film festivals and weekly screenings. Analytics are used to better understand each individual attendee, fine tune sales and outreach, activate sponsorship and maximize attendance for each event.
  • Building a Future: Developing a Love of Cinema among Children Most children only see three films a year in a theater, vs 20+ on tablets and TV. How do we create culture of cinema to ensure future audiences for theaters and festivals alike? Learn how we can work together to develop new programs and activities that encourage long-term affiliation and appreciation of cinema as a shared cultural experience.
  • Festival Tales In these rapid-fire presentations, hear how three festivals (small, medium and large) tackle everything from programming to marketing to audience development, and presentation. This is the first year that festivals will been included in the storied Art House Tales program — where there is much to learn from both festivals and theaters alike.