Who We Are

About Us

Our Mission

Film Festival Alliance creates a collaborative global community for mission-driven film festivals. FFA advocates for a sustainable and inclusive environment for our industry within the cinema exhibition ecosystem and creates a powerful collective voice for film festivals and the people who run them.

What We Do

FFA works year-round to celebrate and support the art of film, filmmaking, and film presentation by connecting festival professionals with one another, and with other industry stakeholders including the greater filmmaking community.

Today, FFA is home to more than 230 members from 40 states, Canada, and the UK, including large, mid-size & start-up festivals, festival consultants, and programmers. FFA presents year-round professional development, and engagement opportunities around the country and offers valuable money-saving benefits, and creates a collective community for festival professionals.

Our Commitment to Inclusion and Accessibility

Film Festival Alliance is committed to creating an equitable and inclusive environment for our members, staff, board, and the public. FFA strives to develop its programs through a diverse lens by drawing from a wide range of perspectives. It is vital that our programs, resources, and community are accessible across a broad spectrum including disability access, financial affordability, proximity to power, and positionality within the wider industry. FFA does not tolerate abuse of any kind and requires participants to adhere to a Code of Conduct when participating in FFA-sanctioned activities. More on our approach to accessibility can be found here.

Film Festival Alliance is supported in part by an American Rescue Plan Act grant from the National Endowment for the Arts to support general operating expenses in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.