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2019 Salary Survey Results

Earlier this year, 55 festivals participated in FFA’s second salary survey. The results are in — and instead of a dry report, we are allowing you to play with the data.

Using Airtable technology, you can sort, group, and filter to work your way through the data to see how other festivals compensate staff members. There is a table of all All Positions, and each position is further broken down by by clicking the dropdown menu on the upper left. By default, the data is grouped by festival budget size to compare numbers and benefits within a cohort of similar organizations.

For best viewing, click on the “View Larger Version” button at the bottom right. Note: This works best from a computer screen. The mobile view is limited.

Thank you to all of the festivals who participated.

Best Practices: Securing and Calculating City Support for Your Festival

Film Festivals, like all cultural organizations, are well served by demonstrating their economic impact. While some festivals have sophisticated and third-party-generated economic impact studies that are public and promoted, others develop their own internal tools.

The IFP Festival Forum envisions a codified system of data collection and presentation, so that individual festivals and the industry as a whole can make the case for their economic and cultural value to their communities. While the Americans for the Arts and other state and regional organizations conduct arts organization economic impact studies, film festivals are not measured separately.

A year ago the IFP Festival Forum was proud to offer a session at Independent Film Week with the CEO of the Durham Convention and Visitors Bureau (CVB) Shelly Green on how she quantifies the economic impact of the Full Frame Documentary Film Festival. This model is one that the industry might develop as a best practice.

Read the White Paper here.

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