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WATCH the December Webinar with Ira Deutchman: Can Festivals Afford Not to Converge?

If you missed our webinar, you can watch the archived version below!

Festivals: Can You Afford Not to Converge?

Have you already signed up to join the arthouse theater community and fellow festival staff at Art House Convergence 2015? Or are you still on the fence? Either way, our December webinar makes the case for why AHC is a can’t-afford-to-miss pre-game for your Sundance experience… and why it’s worth even a stand-alone trip out west in January!

Reason #1: Daily festival-specific panels

Reason #2: The extraordinary networking opportunities

Reason #3: The chance to learn what you need to know to make your festival a success

Ira Deutchman is the Managing Partner of Emerging Pictures, a New York-based digital exhibition company. He is also Chair of the Film Program at Columbia University’s School of the Arts. Ira was the keynote speaker at last year’s AHC—which art house professionals and film festival staff alike agree was an unprecedented success—which makes him the perfect person to provide the skinny on the conference. As our guest at the webinar, he spoke to the practical benefits of attending AHC and also the extraordinary opportunity to discuss topics at the forefront of the ongoing developments in our dynamic industry.

In addition, IFP Festival Forum Executive Committee members Jody Arlington, Colin Stanfield, Kristin McCracken and Chris Holland walked us through logistics, the attendee list, and the contextualized agenda we have planned for our 3+ days together.

Note: If you’re ready to register for Art House Convergence now, remember to use code IFP2015 to receive the early bird registration rate through December 31. Register here. 

Hope to see you in Utah!

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