FFA Announces FilmEx 2021 Opening Speakers

From January 11-15 2021, Film Festival Alliance, together with our industry partners, will present FilmEx (#FilmEx21), a virtual gathering for film exhibitors of all kinds. FilmEx will present conversations exploring the sustainability and future of the independent film exhibition industry and how it can and might be reimagined. The conference is designed for film festival and art house cinema professionals and our stakeholders.

Today, we’re thrilled to share our line up of conversations that will set the tone of each day of the conference.


Monday, January 11th (10:45 AM MST)

Join Oscar-winning filmmaker John Ridley and his sister/business partner Lisa Caesar in a conversation about their efforts to shift from in-house programming at their Milwaukee-based NO Studios to virtual events over the past year. As we look towards the future, how can an arts organization maintain the audiences and partners around the world that have been cultivated during this unprecedented time while embracing live events again? What will the new normal for programming and events be in 2021 and beyond?


Tuesday, January 12th (10:15 AM MST)

FFA Board Member and Executive Director/Founder of California Film Institute Mark Fishkin, will chat with world-renowned epidemiologist Dr. Larry Brilliant about what cinematic organizations can expect from 2021, a timeline for regathering around film, and his work as a consultant on the movie Contagion.


Wednesday, January 13th (10:15 AM MST)

From Art House to Film Festival, during a pandemic, we’ll hear from Gina, the Producing Director of the Sundance Film Festival, about the changing exhibition landscape.



Friday, January 15th (10:00 AM MST)

Join Gemma Gracewood, Editor-in-Chief of Letterboxd, along with filmmakers Jim Cummings (Thunder Road) and Isabel Sandoval (Lingua Franca), and screenwriter Keith Phipps for a conversation on the evolution of audience building and the changing  landscape of film (from distribution, criticism, and discovery) to be more inclusive and representative of film fans around the world


Along with these opening keynotes, FilmEx is hosting panels, happy hours, and general assemblies packed with some of the leaders in the industry of film exhibition. See the full program and details on registration here.