Film Festival Day: The Results Are In

On April 11, FFA and Theatrical at Home presented the first Film Festival Day, to virtually come together in support of film festivals and independent film.  Below are some statistics. Every participating festival received a list of all ticket purchasers and all notes left to them by their patrons, as well as payment the following week.

  • Participating Film Festivals: 32
  • States Represented: 20
  • Ticket Price: $6.50
  • Total # of Orders: 1,037
  • Total # of Tickets Sold: 1,420
  • Total Box Office: $9,243
  • Total Net Revenue for Filmmakers: $4,706
  • Total Net Revenue for Festivals: $4,475
  • Highest Festival Net Revenue: $510 (with no paid advertising)
  • Attending Virtual Q&A: 402

Watch the Q&A with Director, Gary Lundgren and Cast Members James Le Gros, Jesse Borrego and Diedrich Bader, here. Moderated by Melanie Addington (Oxford Film Festival.)

Read a blog “Lessons From Our Most Successful Festival Partners by  Phoenix, Oregon producer Annie Lundgren here.

Save the date for FFD2, coming to festival audiences on May 23, 2020.