FilmEx July Schedule

Join us for two days of thought-provoking, challenging conversations with industry peers and allied thinkers.

Day One: Wednesday, July 14th presented by Eventive

10:00AM: Show Me The Money: A Case Study

FFA and New Orleans Film Society will discuss the implementation of payroll and transparency-pay within their organizations.

This session will not be recorded

11:00 AM: WHY-brid? Returning to An IRL Fest

How do we migrate back to in-person events and maintain the importance of physical connection around cinema?


11:00 AM: Definition: Executive Director

Becoming an Executive Director can be the chance of a lifetime to understand your community and how art serves it. In reality, the job description often differs from the actual responsibilities of the role with an ED being expected to wear many more hats. What are the core functions of this leadership role and the universal truths about marrying service and business? As we see a greater turnover of ED positions across our industry, what can we learn from the old guard and how can we look at new models of leadership to ensure that we are educating and nurturing the ED’s of our future?

12:15 PM: Framing the Future: Hiring Your Next Executive Director

With a large number of ED vacancies, we’ll examine best hiring practices from HR and hiring professionals across our own and other industries, about what organizations should be looking for in filling this leadership role.

2:30 PM: Who Should Alan Hire? Designing An Org Chart From the Ground Up

In this hypothetical exercise, Alan LaFave (Hell’s Half Mile) has been given various sums of money to make the first hires for his all-volunteer-run festival. This workshop will allow participants to create a dream org chart from the ground up.

This session will not be recorded

4:15 PM: Peace Out: Do You Believe in Life After Fests?

Leaving a festival, or even the industry, on your own accord or through the decision of others, can be fraught with fear, confusion, and doubt. How do you transfer the incredible skill set developed while running a festival, and learn how to present and adapt them for other sectors of our industry or other industries altogether? We’ll hear from festival folks who’ve made the decision to move on!

This session will not be recorded

5:45 PM: Short Circuit: Maintaining the Spark/Avoiding the Burnout

Join us for an off-the-record conversation around what contract workers hope will change (unionizing?!) as our industry moves forward?

This session will not be recorded

Day Two: Thursday, July 15th presented by Eventhub

9:30 AM: NEA Accessibility Workshop

The National Endowment for the Arts Accessibility Team, along with filmmakers and festivals, presents information on accessibility standards for film fests.

11:00AM: Actualizing Safety & Belonging: A Case Study From the 2021 Sundance Film Festival

This session will not be recorded

12:15 PM: Accessibility: How to Build An Organizational Culture

1:30 PM: Show THEM The Money: Why Filmmaker Compensation Matters

Does your festival pay filmmakers? Why or why not? Stemming from our soon-to-be-released ‘Festival Impact on Filmmaker Sustainability’ survey, we will hear from several festival directors on the way their festival approaches filmmaker sustainability, and then have a coordinated discussion with all attendees to think about a festival’s responsibility to a filmmaker.

1:30PM: Bang for Your Buck: The New Social Media

We’ll hear from festivals who’ve gone beyond the traditional socials and are using platforms like Clubhouse, TikTok and Letterboxd to build and engage new audiences. Has it been successful and is it worth your time?

2:45PM: FFA Vendor Roundtable + Bingo

Hear what our vendor partners have been up, what discounts they’re offering to our members, and win some prizes!

4:00PM: Both…And: Thinking Outside the ‘Category’

A continuation of our FilmEx January conversations around programming categories and awards. Are we alienating audiences and filmmakers with tags and labels?

5:15PM: Speed Networking presented by Eventhub

Get to know your fellow FilmExers and film festival folks!