Green Your Festival: Fundraising Opportunity

Are you interested in a greener film festival? FFA friend Insight + ReDesign Consulting, has partnered with a national brewery with environmental stewardship as one of their core values. The brewery is interested in collaborations that promote greener, more sustainable film festivals.

Everyone has interests in reducing their festival’s carbon impact, but we don’t always build “saving the planet” into our budgets. – thus, a unique offer for FFA members. This brewery is interested in donating beer for a fundraiser presented by your film festival/organization, with the revenue generated going directly toward expenses for waste recovery, compostable materials, composting, recycling services, and planning and implementation of a waste-reduction or a zero-waste event. Interested FFA member festivals should complete this form by Saturday, August 3, 2019.  Film Festival(s) will be considered and any selected will be notified shortly thereafter.  Questions should be directed to Insight ReDesign + Consulting. (roslynus at gmail.com)