MEMBER SPOTLIGHT: El Paso Film Festival

The El Paso Film Festival’s mission is to support and empower the growing community of filmmakers in our bi-national, tri-state region by building a professional foundation of storytellers and artists from which to learn, network, and collaborate. The 4th annual festival kicks off on October 14-17th. Check out or questionnaire below with EPFF’s Artistic Director Carlos Corral.  More details on EPFF are available here.

Tell us a little bit about your festival?

The El Paso Film Festival (EPFF) is the preeminent film festival at the far edge of Texas. The EPFF is the only Texas film festival to showcase emerging filmmakers on a bi-national stage. As one of the fastest-growing film festivals in the state, it provides an inclusive platform where film lovers of every stripe can discover and support the next generation of regional moviemakers. EPFF is among the few festivals in the nation that brings the film’s directors to the audience they entertain. In our short history, we have attracted a diverse audience of film aficionados, passionate storytellers, and filmmaking executives.

What are some things that set your festival apart?

As the flagship film festival in far west Texas, we are leading the growth of a bi-national stage that empowers the new faces of filmmaking. Not only are we the fastest growing festival in the state, we are also the hardest working. Every festival year is an opportunity to create engagement and awareness among professional filmmakers, artists, and audiences across a national platform for filmmaking executives.

How has being a Film Festival Alliance member impacted your organization?

Being a part of the FFA has helped us connect with other festival professionals and programmers and serves as one of the best ways to develop our vision, mission, and goals.

What should every filmmaker know about your festival/organization?

EPFF elevates the creative voice and vision of all filmmakers as they make their path towards the film and television industry by connecting them with seasoned professionals for mentorship and collaborative opportunities. Our efforts are creating a destination event for the region that can stimulate the economy as well as the arts. Bringing films from outside the traditional studio system bucks the status quo with stories and perspectives that challenge us as much as it entertains us.

What kind of programming can someone expect at your festival?

Our festival attracts a diverse audience of film aficionados, passionate story tellers and filmmaking executives of every stripe to the rugged desert of El Paso, Texas. EPFF showcases independent films created in or about the Paso del Norte region. Our bi-national stage provides a platform for emerging directors, writers and actors from West Texas, Southern New Mexico and Northern Mexico.