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Inside Film Festivals: Going Virtual with Benjamin Oberman

On this episode of Inside Film Festivals, we chat with Benjamin Oberman, Founder, President and CEO of Film Festival Flix. This episode was taped at the beginning of quarantine for COVID-19, with an addendum taped this week to reflect on the past five months of virtual film festivals.

Inside Film Festivals Episode 2: Serving Our Volunteers

Volunteers are vital to any film festival, so today we talk with Molly Kreuzman, Volunteer Coordinator for Ashland Independent Film Festival and Beth Steele Radisek, Special Programs Director at the Cleveland International Film Festival about how they run their volunteer programs.

As talked about during the podcast:

-Whipstitch is defined as every chance you get by the Urban dictionary!

-Shiftboard for volunteer scheduling-


Inside Film Festivals Episode 1: What is Film Festival Alliance?

What is the Film Festival Alliance?

We go inside the Film Festival Alliance to get an understanding of what the organization does and where it’s headed from two people who know best. Executive Director, Lela Meadow-Conner, and President of the Board of Directors, Dan Brawley, give their perspectives on the organization and why festivals should join.

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