Film Festival Alliance

Spotlight Support Program

Why should I join the Spotlight Support Program?

The Spotlight Support Program is a great way for Film Festival Alliance (FFA) members to generate self-earned revenue by leveraging unused/underused screen time during their events. This is a turnkey revenue generating opportunity offered exclusively to U.S. film festivals that are Film Festival Alliance organizational members.

Spotlight Cinema Networks is a sponsor of the Film Festival Alliance (FFA) which will run advertising spots associated with this sponsorship. The FFA will not receive any compensation, percentage or otherwise, from the advertisements that will appear onscreen. All payments are solely due to the Participating Festival(s.)

How does the Program work?

Festival completes and submits an online application, providing key contact information, overview and history.

FFA Sponsor Advertisements

Advertisements provided by Spotlight to Participating Festivals will consist of a 30-second spot or 60-second spot coupled with an added 5-10 second tag announcing the advertisement is provided by Spotlight, a proud supporter of film festivals via the FFA. Each Participating Festival will display the advertisement provided by Spotlight during the preshow period before all festival feature film screenings

  • Spotlight will inform each Participating Festival of the name of the upcoming client advertiser(s) to avoid any conflicts with other sponsors of the Participating Festival. Each Participating Festival is entitled to reject an advertisement at this stage only on the basis of a sponsor conflict.
  • If rejected, no additional payment will be provided to the festival;
  • If the Participating Festival accepts to air an advertisement, it will certify, in writing, that the advertisement will be displayed during the preshow period before all festival feature film screenings. Spotlight will then send a digital format of the spot to the Participating Festival, which will have a final opportunity to opt out of displaying the advertisement if, based on reasonable standards, the Participating Festival deems it to be inappropriate.
  • Details of Program procedures will be forwarded to each Participating Festival upon acceptance into the Program. Each Festival will be subject to signing a standard program indemnification agreement (provided by Spotlight.)


Spotlight will pay a fee to each Participating Festival to display the advertising content (provided by Spotlight) during the preshow period  before all feature film screenings. The fee, paid by Spotlight, will vary based on the Participating Festival’s estimated ticket holders and/or screening attendance using historical numbers provided within the application.

  • The fee will typically range between $2,000 (minimum) to $5,000 (maximum) for advertisements up to 60 seconds. Spotlight will inform each Participating Festival of the exact amount payable prior to its display of the advertisement.
  • The fee established by Spotlight is the total amount payable for displaying the advertisement before all festival feature film screenings, not an amount owed for each time the advertisement is screened.
  • Each Participating Festival must provide Spotlight with an affidavit that the advertisement was properly screened before each festival feature film screening as required.
  • Spotlight will provide payment to a Participating Festival within 30 days of receipt and acceptance of the affidavit.

Festival Testimonials

“Last year marked our first experience, of which we hope will be many, with the Spotlight Cinema Support program. Not only did they provided cinema-quality content that set a tone for our patrons, but they also brought meaningful revenue to the table which made a substantial difference to our bottom line. Their staff is professional and easy to reach, and they deliver. I wish all partnerships were this seamless and elegant.” – Kathryn Hecht, Executive Director, Alexander Valley Film Society

“We absolutely loved working with the Spotlight Support program. Not only was it simple and helpful to our budget but we were able to highlight a company we already love, and their new campaign actually got people talking during the festival quite a bit.” – Melanie Addington, Executive Director, Oxford Film Festival

“Spotlight Cinema Networks matched us up with a high-profile company and even found  a second choice when the first sponsor was problematic for our venue due to circumstances out of our control.  We loved having a national company associated with our brand and I think it helped festival goers see us in a new light.” – Bears Fonte, Founder/Director of Programming, Other Worlds Austin Sci Fi Film Festival

About Spotlight Cinema Networks

Spotlight Cinema Networks is the only cinema advertising company 100% dedicated to Luxury and Art House theatres. The company is a national advertising vehicle with a focus on the top 25 DMAs. Spotlight Cinema Networks’ exhibitor partners specialize in the best of independent and “smart” Hollywood films – the ideal, captivating atmosphere to reach affluent, educated and influential 18+ adults. Spotlight Cinema Networks is owned by Wagner-Cuban Companies and Arthouse Marketing Group, and represents the top exhibitors in this genre, including segment leaders Angelika Film Center, Laemmle Theatres and Landmark Theatres. The company is headquartered in Los Angeles, CA, with offices in New York and Chicago.