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WATCH: Wrangling the Rush Line Webinar

In our February webinar, Tom Hall (currently at Montclair Film Festival, formerly at Sarasota, among others) walked us through the delicate balance of line wrangling, including rush ticket policies, volunteer training, etc.

Wrangling the Line: Rush Tickets, Waitlists and More

Tickets, passes, packages, VIPs and sold out screenings—making sure you maximize your audience and keep them happy is the key to a successful festival. This discussion will focus on decisions and strategies for helping you manage your lines and patrons, making sure you have smiling customers and full theaters!

In case you missed it, check out the full webinar, archived on YouTube (scroll to 3:17 for the actual start!):

Takeaway: download the PDF presentation here.

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Sponsorship: Finding the Right Partners

Tuesday, March 31
2:00 pm ET / 11:00 am PT
Moderator: Anne Chaisson, Hamptons International Film Festival

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WATCH: Ticketing & Data Mapping Webinar

If you missed the November 5 webinar on Ticketing & Data Mapping, you’re in luck! We’ve archived it for posterity for all to enjoy.

In this webinar from IFP Festival Forum, Jon Gann, impresario for Cine and DC Shorts, provides tips and tools to to mine the data you (don’t know you) already have for insights into how to better reach and serve your audience. Take a deep (and we mean deep!) look into data gathering from your ticketing software and audience surveys to create interactive maps, which can be used to plan for effective marketing and secure sponsors.

Topline? In this session, Jon walks us through:
• Online tools that will give you insights into customer management
• How to use the data you know to better target people more likely to attend your event

Enjoy! And please leave a comment below to let us know what you think. Thanks!

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