Film Festival Alliance

Film Festival Alliance is a not-for-profit organization serving film festivals and the people who run them.

We foster a collaborative global community for mission-driven film festivals, advocate for a sustainable and inclusive environment within the cinema exhibition ecosystem, and create a powerful collective voice for our industry.

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ABOUT OUR MEMBERSHIP: (Averages were collected from a survey completed by a cross-section of our members.)

  • FFA members come from 43 U.S. States, Washington D.C., Canada and the UK
  • Organizations with an annual budget above $1million make up 6% of our membership, Organizations with an annual budget above $500k make up 9% of our membership, Organizations with an annual budget below $499k make up 66% of our membership Individual Festival Professionals make up 19% of our membership.
  • 94% of our members are non-profit organizations, and the average operating budget is $283,000.
  • The average festival employs 1.8 full time staff, 11 paid seasonal staff, appreciates 118 volunteers, and has an annual attendance of 10,100 cinema lovers.
  • The average festival screened 117 films, 50% of which were directed by women, and welcomed 30 filmmakers to their event.

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Magnolia Pictures

The leading independent film distributor for nearly 20 years, Magnolia Pictures is the theatrical and home entertainment distribution arm of the Wagner/Cuban Companies, boasting a library of over 500 titles.

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