FWD-Doc in partnership with Film Event Accessibility Working Group with the support of Film Festival Alliance, and in association with 1IN4 Coalition invite you to take part in the Film Event Accessibility Scorecard.

The Film Event Accessibility Scorecard was developed to capture attendee experiences at film events, particularly through an accessibility lens. Film Festival Alliance believes this survey data will provide meaningful feedback to event organizers and festival organizations and lead to more accessible events. Festivals and events can review the survey questions being asked of audience members here.

Why should we participate?

FFA encourages all festivals to opt-in to receive their data so they can learn from the valuable feedback their attendees give. A festival may be unaware of its gaps or barriers in accessibility, and this Scorecard allows them to identify and address those issues for their patrons.

How does it work?

  • Attendees fill out the Film Event Accessibility Scorecard survey, sharing their experiences, using this form
  • Festival organizers can opt-in to receive any responses related to their festival by signing up via this form 
  • Festivals can use the responses they receive to inform their accessibility plans moving forward
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Enroll your festival or event in the Accessibility Scorecard

Would you like to receive the survey responses associated with your festival or event from the Film Event Accessibility Scorecard?

Sign up here

To participate, we need the following information:

  • Your Festival Name
  • City and State for additional identification of your festival
  • Contact Information if we have questions about your participation
  • Email where you want to receive the responses. We recommend a general inbox like accessibility@ or directly to your Accessibility staff.
Submit an Experience

If you have recently attended a film event, we want to hear your experience as a filmmaker, speaker, panelist, patron, and more. Take 15 minutes to participate in our survey and provide event organizers with meaningful feedback that can help them create more accessible events.

Take the Survey Here

This survey will take 15 to 20 minutes to complete. To save your progress and return at a later time, simply keep the browser window open.

How will FFA and its partners use this data?

FFA and its partners (FWD-Doc, Film Event Accessibility Working Group, and 1IN4 Coalition) on the Film Event Accessibility Scorecard are incredibly mindful of the confidentiality of the responses received to this survey. The collected data can be used, in the aggregate and/or in a non-identifying manner so as to keep individual responses anonymous, by FFA and its partners to identify trends and patterns in accessibility and access issues faced by patrons participating in film events.