Why Join?

“Film festivals play a critical role in the lives of their audiences and their communities, inspiring attendees and inspiring action across a range of issues."

- 2020 Avenue ISR, The Gotham & FFA Audience Survey SDG Progress Report 2020

Film Festival Alliance (FFA) advocates for a sustainable and inclusive environment for our industry within the cinema exhibition ecosystem and creates a powerful collective voice for film festivals and the people who run them. 

As an FFA member, you are joining a cohort that is passionate about independent cinema, community building, supporting filmmakers and storytellers, and the preservation and reimagination of the industry. We welcome the sharing of ideas and perspectives. FFA's current membership includes a network of more than 230 film festivals and industry partners.

Four reasons to become a member of Film Festival Alliance

Join a like-minded community of colleagues to network, commiserate, and seek advice on all things festival, in-person at our events or online through our new Community.
Find your next gig or seek new staff through our Job Portal or by searching the fest staffer directory.
Access our incredible resource library, with everything you need to start a festival or bring yours to the next level. From templates to guides, search our entire collection of crowd-sourced samples and FFA originals.
Receive discounts on goods and services from our partners and vendors, plus discounts to FFA events like FilmEx and our year-round webinars.