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Director of Film Program - Sebastopol Center for the Arts

  • 1.  Director of Film Program - Sebastopol Center for the Arts

    Posted 08-22-2023 15:04
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    Logotype: Sebastopol Documentary Film Festival

    Sebastopol Documentary Film Festival is a signature program of Sebastopol Center for the Arts.  As such we have opportunities for year-round film screenings, events, workshops and conversations.  SDFF is committed to supporting independent filmmakers in finding and expanding their audience. We are excited at the possibilities. 

    SDFF is an Oscar® qualifying festival bringing excellence of craft, character, storytelling and authenticity to light. For 16 years SDFF has nurtured programming, progressive in content, with the goal of compiling stories that offer a glimpse of what is real. A flash of light on the truth that builds recognition of our common humanity. This position is an opportunity to expand the breadth and impact of independent documentary film.

    Jean McGlothlin
    Sebastopol Documentary Film Festival