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Film Festival Day: LIFE IN SYNCHRO

On Saturday, May 23, FFA will team with Theatrical- At-Home once again to present a sequel  Film Festival Day. 39 FFA member film festivals will participate in a virtual screening of Angela Pinaglia’s documentary LIFE IN SYNCHRO, which Pinaglia describes as “the most feminist sport you’ve never heard of.” The special screening will benefit each of the participating film festivals across the country with a share of the evening’s proceeds. Film festival audiences from across the country will be able to select their festival of choice when purchasing tickets and box office revenue will be generously split with that organization and the filmmakers themselves. To purchase a ticket, please go to

Participating film festivals:

A film festival favorite that has touched and enthralled audiences around the country as it introduced them to the world of synchronized ice skating, Pinaglia’s LIFE IN SYNCHRO follows a skating season alongside the stars of today, the newcomers, the passionate amateurs and the founders of the sport as they push their teams and themselves to be too good to ignore. But will it be enough to get their sport off the fringes and into the Olympic spotlight? From a young Team USA skater with big dreams, a 65-year-old amateur skater embracing this next chapter of life with her team, to a woman who was on the first synchro team back in 1956, who is now trying to get the founder of synchro, the credit he deserves for creating the sport that gave her so much, LIFE IN SYNCHRO interweaves each woman’s vastly different journeys, from all around the U.S., as they and these determined teams are out to prove the staying power of synchro.

LIFE IN SYNCHRO was directed, edited and produced by Pinaglia. Nicole Davies is the film’s executive producer. As part of the special Film Festival Day presentation, both will participate in a Q&A along with the film’s subjects Emily Fitzgerald (a former competitive skater on the Dearborn Crystallettes), Heidi Coffin (a 68-year-old adult skater on the Maine DownEasters), and Peggy MacDonald (who was a skater on the first ever synchro team in 1956 and went on to coach the first ever national champions of the sport in 1984), The Q&A will be moderated by Women Sports Film Festival’s Co-Founder Susan Sullivan.

Pinaglia said, “Synchronized skating is the closest thing I have ever seen to a women’s utopia, and it’s not in an alternative reality or in the far off future. It exists in the here and now. LIFE IN SYNCHRO captures the promise of what can be – for the sport, the athletes, and ultimately all women.”

Film Festival Day: The Results Are In

On April 11, we presented the first Film Festival Day, to virtually come together in support of film festivals and independent film.  Below are some statistics. Every participating festival received a list of all ticket purchasers and all notes left to them by their patrons, as well as payment the following week.

Watch the Q&A with Director, Gary Lundgren and Cast Members James Le Gros, Jesse Borrego and Diedrich Bader, here. Moderated by Melanie Addington (Oxford Film Festival.)

Read a blog “Lessons From Our Most Successful Festival Partners by  Phoenix, Oregon producer Annie Lundgren here.

Save the date for FFD2, coming to festival audiences on May 23, 2020.


Film Festival Day: Phoenix, Oregon

In partnership with the independent streaming platform Theatrical At Home, FFA presents the inaugural Film Festival Day.

On April 11th, film festival audiences from across North America will join together for a virtual screening of the independent film PHOENIX, OREGON and filmmaker Q&A. Indie film fans can select their festival of choice when purchasing tickets and box office revenue will be generously split with that organization.

33 FFA member festivals (from 21 states) are participating in this initiative to spotlight the film festival industry, which has endured more than 175 cancellations, postponements and quick pivots in the wake of COVID-19, with an estimated economic impact of more than $1.4 million for this group organizations alone. Of the participating festivals, they have combined audiences of more than 200,000, support more than 5,500 filmmakers and collectively screened over 3,700 films in the last year.

“Film festivals and community cinemas are the backbone of the independent film industry. They introduce audiences to stories which nurture, nourish and encourage new perspectives” said Annie Lundgren, Producer of Phoenix, Oregon. “Especially at this time, we are excited to partner with Film Festival Alliance to share our film and support festivals who have given so much to us.”

Movies unite us in a way that no other art form can and film festivals play an essential role in connecting our community to support the works of independent storytellers. Please join us in a celebration of our communities, our audiences, independent filmmakers and what makes the film festival experience so unique, while supporting many FFA member organizations.

“We’ve been looking for a way to emulate the iconic Record Store Day idea for years,” said Lela Meadow-Conner, Executive Director of Film Festival Alliance. “It was always a challenge for film festivals since not everyone has access to a theater at the same time. So now, we gladly take this opportunity to bring audiences from across the country together, at home, and celebrate independent film. We are so grateful to the Phoenix, Oregon team for supporting so many festivals.”