Film Festival Staffing, Workforce and Compensation Survey, supported by Elevent

The 2022 Film Festival Staffing, Workforce, and Compensation Survey is live! We encourage all festivals to participate in completing this survey to help provide a full picture of current festival staffing, labor, and wages. The deadline to complete this survey is Wednesday, February 9th. This survey is supported by Elevent, who had this to say about their involvement:

“Elevent is excited to support the FFA’s data-gathering initiative,” said founder Jeremy Wine. “We’re big data nerds ourselves–Elevent is a data-first powerhouse that fuels both the operating and contributed revenue generation of event organizers; the FFA’s benchmarking survey suits us to a T. The data gathered from this survey will help demonstrate the need for institutional support, shed light on pay inequities, and create a roadmap for the professionalization and maturation of organizations and personnel alike. As the leading event ticketing and membership platform for professionalized film presenters, this initiative is the perfect complement to the org advancement we facilitate, one organization at a time.”

Film Festival Alliance adheres to strict standards to preserve the confidentiality of all data received. All survey results will only be reported in summarized form, and we will ensure that the responses of no specific festival will be evident based on reporting.

The survey will compile data on current festival staffing, labor and wages, drawing on festivals from across North America. Using this data, Avenue ISR will develop a topline executive summary that will be published widely and a detailed report for FFA members that will break down data by multiple categories including job titles, geography, and budget size.

Complete the survey here.


About Avenue ISR:

Avenue ISR is a research and strategy consultancy serving a global client base from its headquarters in Michigan. Since 2006, Avenue ISR has worked with the Art House Convergence, Bryn Mawr Film Institute, Cinereach, the State Theatre, the Natural Products Expo, Great Lakes Association, FIVA (Fédération Internationale des Véhicules Anciens) and many other organizations, alliances and associations. Avenue ISR delves deeply into the needs and decision processes of people, producing actionable insights to help clients adapt and evolve. Avenue ISR uses both qualitative and quantitative research techniques to allow patron, member and constituent voices to be heard and understood. Avenue ISR brings a profound commitment to the success of film festivals and the people who are working to further joy, understanding and positive change through film.