New Member Benefit from LK Creactive!

FFA has partnered with LK Creactive to offer a new member benefit: 20% off your order of custom shirts, textiles, and other swag. “I know how much work goes into putting a film festival together,” says LK Creactive Founder Lucy Keile. “Merchandise is so important to branding.  I want to help organizations take care of the details of custom orders so that they can focus on the other aspects of presenting their festival.”

In addition to custom t-shirts and on-demand printing, LK Creactive can also build your organization an online merch store where attendees can pre-order items beforehand and pick them up the week of the festival. LK Creactive offers a wide variety of textiles and colors, as well as various printing styles, with a minimum order of 25 shirts or 12 hats.