Nominations Now Open for FFA Board of Directors

Film Festival Alliance is seeking new Board Members to begin service in January 2022. A slate of candidates will be presented to the membership for voting in January, and they will be announced at the Annual Meeting. Nominations are open now through November 18th. 

Every year, we are excited to welcome a new group of Board members to serve on the Film Festival Alliance Board. The FFA Board members participate in, and advocate for, moving the organization forward, especially as film festivals and the film exhibition industry in general moves towards recovery. The Film Festival Alliance has been a crucial and driving force in the industry, and especially recently as the recovery efforts have also led to discussions of change and sustainability.

You can nominate yourself or another person (with their approval) here.

About joining the board:

• As a non-profit organization, our bylaws state that Board Members must reside in North America (USA, Canada, Mexico) and be at least 21 years-of-age.
• Term of service is 3 years, with an optional second term.
• Meetings are held monthly (12 per year) over zoom.

• Attendance at 75% of monthly Board meetings.
• Participation in one or more Board / event committee(s).
• Recruit or fundraise at a minimum $500 yearly level.

October 18, 2021: Nominations open
November 18, 2021: Nominations closed
December 1, 2021: Proposed slate sent to membership
January 2022 TBD: Announcement of 2022 Board Roster

We are actively looking for Board members to continue to evolve the board makeup to be reflective of various diversities (both of organizations represented – size, geography, scale, form – and humans – race, gender, sexuality, ability). As we move forward into 2022, facing both challenges and incredible opportunity, assuring equity and inclusivity, the fiscal stability of a growing organization, and promotion of the great work we are doing, become even more central.

If you have any questions about board nominations, please feel free to reach out to the FFA team here.